Im being spammed....with messages.


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I dunno about anyone else, but im being spammed with messages saying

"Mortal Kombat tourney at gamersaloon, you want in?"

Now, I have had several of these messages, from different accounts, but it appears to be the same guy.

Anyone else getting these messages?
yeah i got one dont bother its a betting site using video games, seems like a bit of a scam to me, i messaged him back saying i wasnt bothered and he hasnt messaged back since
People is spamming me with a message of "sony" (note the ") that says that they apologize for the PSN apcent and that if i send that message to all my friends they will give me free PSN money, LMAO.
Had lots of these Gamersaloon "...want in?" messages! I first had to figure out that it was all about 'gambling tournaments', who the f* would bet money on laggy games (and on games in general)?
Now I just started reporting them to Sony (as advertising) and blocking them afterwards.
Yeah the sony one where you get $50 credit, alarm bells up straight away coz am from uk so we don't use dollars lol. As well as the blatancy of it all lol