IGN Talks Shaolin Monks

Patrick McCarron

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Continuing the recent wave of media attention surrounding the upcoming Mortal Kombat spin-off game Shaolin Monks, IGN has posted a short article about the game and how it wont be another MK:Mythlogies. Here's a snippet from the article:
Determined to learn from past mistakes (anyone up for some Mortal Kombat Mythologies…No?), Creator Ed Boon revealed Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks, an action-adventure game that once again takes the series away from straight-up fighting arenas and into a larger world, replete with a fresh storyline, action-based puzzles, boss battles and a two-player cooperative mode. And what would a Mortal Kombat game be without its kolorful kast of kharacters? Midway will deliver a slew of characters that make small cameo as well as larger significant appearances.
They also put up 9 new screenshots, of which a few have been seen before.

Credit: ShackNews