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The Nintendo<sup>64</sup> site <a href="http://www.ign64.com/" target="_parent">IGN64</a> and the PlayStation site <a href="http://www.psmonline.com/" target="_parent">PSMOnline</a>, members of the <a href="http://www.imaginegames.com" target="_parent">Imagine Games Network</a>, have posted great reviews of their respective versions of Mortal Kombat 4. In PSMOnline's <a href="http://www.psmonline.com/jsmid/reviews/3723.html" target="_parent">review of the PSX version</a>, lead editor Douglass Perry gives it a score of <b>8</b>. In IGN64's <a href="http://www.ign64.com/jsmid/reviews/1912.html" target="_parent">review of the N64 version</a>, Peer Schneider also gives it a score of <b>8</b>, while Matt Casamassina gives it a <b>9</b>. Here's an excerpt from the N64 review:
<TR><TD ALIGN="left"><FONT COLOR="#FF8000">
<b>Overall</b><br>Highly recommended purchase, especially considering the title's low price-tag of only $49. With beautiful graphics, tight control and excellent sound, the only thing keeping this title from a perfect score is its aged fighting system. The closest thing to a perfect arcade port we've seen in a long, long while. Hats off to Eurocom for the job. Best Nintendo 64 fighter so far.<br>
<i>--Matt Casamassina, IGN Editor</i></FONT></TD></TR>