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<b>IGN</b> has <a href="http://ps3.ign.com/dor/objects/853444/mortal-kombat-next-gen/videos/MK_vs_DCU_Super_Pro_Moves_102308.html">posted a new video</a> where <b>Mortal Kombat</b> team Senior Designers <b>John Edwards</b> and <b>Paulo Garcia</b> go over the <b>Super and Pro Moves</b> from <a href="http://www.trmk.org/games/mortal_kombat_vs_dc_universe/">Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe</a>. They go into depth on the various character's <b>Super Moves</b>. Also detailed are <b>Pro Moves</b>, which are more advanced variations on the character's regular <b>Super Moves</b> that require extra timing and directional and/or button presses. They are distinguished not only by variations on the regular actions, but different sounds as well. Very neat addition for the game.

You can check out the video below or <a href="http://ps3.ign.com/dor/objects/853444/mortal-kombat-next-gen/videos/MK_vs_DCU_Super_Pro_Moves_102308.html">head over to their site</a> for their higher resolution copy with more detail.

<embed src='http://videomedia.ign.com/ev/ev.swf' flashvars='object_ID=853444&downloadURL=http://ps3movies.ign.com/ps3/video/article/923/923168/MK_vs_DCU_Super_Pro_Moves_102308_flvlowwide.flv&allownetworking="all%"' type='application/x-shockwave-flash' width='433' height='360'></embed>
Ok, 3 things:

1. No blood for Kitana's fans or Baraka's scissors? WTF?

2. The merged stages look RETARDED.

3. The game play I am seeing is def worlds better than DA-A, which is a HUGE step in the right direction, but something jut doesnt seem right. I dunno, I just need to play it ASAP, lol.
Obviously they turned the blood off, for whatever reason. Notice there wasn't any blood in the video, even during moves that we've already seen it drawn.
Does anyone have an IGN Insider account? I really would like to have a Hi Res download for this.
Does anyone have an IGN Insider account? I really would like to have a Hi Res download for this.

Wait til later today or tomorrow, Midway will be sending it to everyone soon enough and you get the hires download from us.
I saw some things that appeared to me to be from an older build of the game as well. So take it all with a grain of salt, as Ed said "There Will Be Blood"
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