If you missed the GGA MK Celebrity Event, GET OVER HERE!! (LOTS OF PICS and a VIDEO!)


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If you got to attend this amazing event, please feel free to reply with your own pictures and videos! This was AMAZING on SO many levels guys!

The whole stream was recorded folks! Here it is:

And here's my pictures from the event!!

Here's the whole crew back together! Daniel had informed me it had been awhile since he has seen some of these guys!

Here's my friends Daniel Pesina and Mike having fun!

Nothing like Kung Lao, Johnny Cage and Kano giving you a confidence boost (and some pointers) before the semi final round in the MK 2 tournament (I was Phaze 9 in the tourney).

Great picture of the guys signing autographs for everyone:

Kung Lao and myself:

Doc Mack and GGA Fillpops doing their thing:

Good lookin' group of guys right here! My friends and I all having fun!:

Danny and myself:

What's this?! Kano doing Johnny Cage's friendship on me!:

These were very good and they kept me and my buddies jacked the whole night. Suggest buying them when you go to GGA!:

Just sharing my autographs:

Gotcha! Jax and myself:

GGA Fillpops on the stream:

Jax having a good conversation with my friends:

The guys at GGA hard at work preparing the machines for the tournament!:

The Injustice: Gods Among Us arcade machine:

Shang Tsung and myself:

Kano and myself:

Kano (Rich) and Jax (John) hard at work signing autographs:

Also some video of the event, nothing like Johnny Cage himself watching you play as him in the first round of the tournament and cheering you on! (I went by Phaze 9 at the event):

My overall review of the event:

This was amazing. Meeting the rest of the cast was awesome and it's really fun to hear what they're doing now and where they're at. Most of them are just regular guys with regular jobs and they have an absolute blast showing love to their fans. The weather was absolutely AWFUL, yet guys like Jax (John Parrish) were still dedicated enough to make the drive in from a little ways out. The fact these guys came here, for no money, on their own watch to spend time with guys like me, is AMAZING. They are truly selfless individuals and just a lot of fun to talk to. Rich was halarious, had a lot of fun input on the behind the scenes stuff on the old games and was just flat out fun to be around. Tony Marquez (Kung Lao) was also a blast to chat up and I found Phillip Ahn to be reserved, but still pretty dry and fun to chat up! I can't stress enough how lucky WE are as fans to have these guys around still. Doc Mack was hard at work but still had the time to talk to me about his fighting game that he is hard at work putting together "Dark Presence" and I cannot wait to see more of it! The other fans were great to talk to as well, finally met YourMKArcadeSource (whose videos have been essential for helping me with my own Mortal Kombat 2 cabinet) and saw the greats in person (Mo and 16 bit). Made it to the semi-finals, didn't think I'd even get past the first round given how great everyone was. The event was a blast, the arcades were great (got addicted to The Grid with my buddies!), and their pizza was awesome, I might add. Great times all around, and seriously recommend everyone go check out Galloping Ghost Arcade when they get the opportunity!


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All of my jealousy. I would have fangirled so hard :laugh:

Parish actually looks pretty good compared to his appearance in Jax's bio card



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Dude! So you were the one in the Flash T-shirt. I was the one conversing with you about TRMK that day, glad to see you on here!


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Dude! So you were the one in the Flash T-shirt. I was the one conversing with you about TRMK that day, glad to see you on here!

Guilty as charged!! Haha, yeah man it was fun chatting about this site. I really love this community a lot. First time I ever got to do anything like that though, or compete in any kind of big arcade tournament for MK2. I've hung out with Dan quite a bit and he's became a pretty good friend, though I haven't got to meet anyone else like Rich or John or Tony, but I'm glad that I was introduced to 'em and of course that I got to meet Jason Krough (spelling?) and everyone else I got to play in the tournament. All of those guys had mad skill for the most part and I just loved sharing the MK passion with all the guys. Can't wait to do it again man!


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Whats up Phase-9!!! This is Tom "Draxxon" Romanotto, I had on the reaper shirt with the illuminati skull.
Sorry I didnt get a chance to speak with you, anyways here are some more pics of the event.

Oh yeah lol you played me in MK 2 very early on and kicked my ass!! Haha good games man. I plan on going to a lot more of these events, so I'm sure I'll catch you at the next one! Thanks for sharing those pictures as well!