If WWIII started today, would you be ready?

Have you always been ready? Or are you still striving to be ready? Please explain your situation as it pertains to the title.

Nobody likes or expects war, but sometimes, it comes without wanting or choosing it.
I'm stocking up on canned food and water for the fam. I'm honestly lazy as funk, so I'm going to off myself when shit hits the fan. They don't know it, they don't need to.
If it started, just shoot me now and get it over with. I am far from being prepared.

It makes things worse if an EMP struck North America. I would be screwed.
i ready long ago,because the china want to take over my contry island,and if they taking thoes island it's mean war !
I've been practicing my own military moves. I'm ready for people with guns, knives, bombs/grenades, and even swords. Now with nuclear missiles, idk. I might hold my breath and pray to the lord for that one.