If Eternal Champions was remade?


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I never played this game, so it depends... if the developers do as good a job bringing this back as Double Hlix/Iron Galaxy did with bringing back Killer Instinct, then I'd sure give it a try. But I have absolutely no nostalgic investment in this game, so I don't really care about it either.


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The game wasn't popular despite having some decent finishers. People think this game could have been a rival to Mortal Kombat...well it tried and failed.

I mention about this game every now and then but it's not like I think it could ever return. Need I mention about the spin-off game they made featuring Shadow?

Yeah... There's a reason why this two-game fighter never made more.


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I actually gotta say the graphics wasn't that bad for it's time. I did play this a few times at my cousins house. That was a long time ago. If they ever made a sequel or remake I am sure it would do great with this generation of gamers.


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If any fighting game deserve a remake, it's Bloody Roar.
It can be done deeper with 2 fighting styles per character (human, beast), and, it leadt in my opinion, we really lack a good 3d fighter


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Out of the dead fighting games that could be revived, Eternal Champions is not my first choice.

Still, I heard good things about the new Killer Instinct, though the original game wasn't as good as people make it out to be. If Sega does a good job at modernizing the gameplay and presentation, I would give it a chance. It's unlikely going to happen since Sega (the Japanese division at least) wants to stick with Virtua Fighter.
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