If Animalities became DLC...


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I posted this in the DLC thread, but I thought this should have its own thread.
I know most people think animalities were lame. But that was the old days.
I would definitely like to see Animalities as DLC! Even though with Lui Kang's 2nd Fatality being a Dragon which was his animality in UMK3 Im not sure how it will work out lol. They will look so awesome with this new technology.

If animalities were DLC what would you change and what animalities would you like characters that never had an animality or DLC characters to have?

Heres my ideas:
I would change some of the animalities to actually fit the character like: No monkey for Reptile! instead an alligator or a small deadly lizard, No penguin for Scorpion instead a Scorpion!, Switch Sheeva's to a Black Widow, Mileena should have an animal with sharp teeth instead of a skunk I think that better fits Smoke, Quan Chi could be an ant colony, if Goro becomes playable he could be an Octopus, Kintaro a Tiger, and Shao Kahn a Gorilla....as for the known 2 DLC characters, Skarlett a fox (lol) and Kenshi a mole (moles are blind too lol). For the characters I would like to be DLC these would be good ideas: Tanya a horse, Kai a lemur, Reiko a Bear, Bo Rai Cho a Panda, Lei Mei a Flamingo, Sareena a Giraffe, since bat is taken by Sektor maybe for Nitara a tick and male vampire a leech, Ashrah a crane, and Tremor a groundhog.
I don't think they will add animalities because as you mentioned, Liu Kang's fatality is already of him transforming into a dragon... i rather have friendship! lol


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I wasn't really a fan of them, but I want this to be a complete experience, with all the characters and -alities from MK-MKT (and then some :)).

EDIT: Oh yeah, I want Friendships too!
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Animalities should FIT THE CHARACTER! But I doubt it will happen because Liu Kang's Dragon is considered a FATALITY!

Nitara should be a bat.
Tanya should be a leopard.
Ashrah should be a dove.
Sheeva can be a black widow.
Shao Kahn can be a gorilla.
Nightwolf NEEDS to morph into a wolf.
Mileena should be a piranha.
Baraka should be a shark.
Sindel should be a queen bee again.
Shang Tsung can be anything.
Reptile and Khameleon should be reptilean creatures and NOT mammals such as a dumb monkey.

Sonya, Johnny Cage, Stryker, Jade, Kabal, and a few more should have NO ANIMALITIES!
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I dont think every -ality will be in this game because they still have to make other ones. Its not like this is the only MK coming out for the next 10 years. They have to have SOMETHING for the next installment.


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I actually agree, an animality pack would be sweet. But characters should all become larger animals, I don't think there should be any more retarded things like bunnies or anything. But some could be changed to look more Godlike. Remember rain became a frog? Well this time around maybe it's a giant Toad, sci-fi looking and full of horns and stuff. Scorpion would become a giant scorpion. A giant whasp still works. Nightwolf should become more werewolf like then a plain wolf. Reptile should become a giant Cobra instead of Shang Tsung. Shang Tsung could turn into anything, so maybe he could turn into some kinda Giant or cyclops or something mythical. Mythical beasts could come into play pretty easily. Shao Kahn could become a Hydra, but bigger and more fearsome than the one in Annihilation. Making animalities more enjoyable wouldn't be that hard. Technically they're getting in touch with an animal spirit or something aren't they? It'd make sense for the animal spirit to be a more godlike version of the animal.

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I only have two simple words to say...


Liu Kang's Dragon fatality was so mindnumbingly awesome to me; just imagine Nightwolf turning into a werewolf? Me need MOAR.

As for friendships... I'm still hoping for them to be already in the game, but if not, they definitely should come as DLC, too!


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I would take just about anything over the derpa Babalities. I believe the Animalities could be cool as hell with the new tech in this game.


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Some really good ideas here. I especially like the mythical beasts idea.

Yeah that ONE dragon fatality could eliminate the possiblity of animalities making it in...but hopefully it can still happen.
They could maybe exclude Lui Kang from having one and just give him an extra fatality.

Animalities should definitely be in MK9 instead of MK10, since its a retelling of mk 1,2,and 3 where animalities was included, same for friendships and brutalities.


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Seeing the job that NRS did with the Babalities and how hilarious they are, I can safely say I'd much rather see Friendships before Animalities. Finding animals for each character would just be too hard and random. I remember being 9 years old when MK3 came out and saying "Whyyyyyyyyy did Cyrax just turn into a shark?".


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I like your idea of everyone getting an animal that fits them and agree for the part of animalities may not look lame now and in this game. however, gotta admit that from the old days, the only thing I'd want back for sure is Mercy, changed, as in enemy doesn't get life again and you must finish him once more but thanks you or bows to you or walks away from battle ashamed and maybe brutalities. the rest.. no :/ liu kang's dragon looked amazing though so if they were to be added as DLC, I'd wanna see some spoiler vids first of people who got them and then buy or pass


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Animalities would be cool . But to be honest , Friendships would be better because everyone can have a friendship . Not everyone's personalities could be reflected in an animal . And if they do Animalities , Lui Kangs fatality could be his Animality and they can bring back his arcade falling on the other person lol . Or actually Hara Kiris would be cooler in this generations technology


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Seeing how a dragon isn't really an animal sure animalites can still happen and am I the only one that thinks kenshis obvious animal is a bat since he's as blind as one and shangs should be a chameleon since that characters as good as dead and they change just like he does
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