I want to return to the Goro's Lair!!!


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Hi everyone, i almost have all the secrets but i have to return to the Goro's Lair to pick up the items i have left behind. I have search everywhere and i can't find the way to get back there. I have search a portal in the Wu-Shi academy but didn't find anything. Please someone help me... it would be nice. :roll: :p 8)


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There is a statue by the portal to outworld. Break the statue and go through the portal.


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well, if for any reason that wasn't specific enough... :twisted:
Where you fight the 2 masked guards, there are a bunch of spike and a catapult, directly opposite is a hidden path, its really shot and at the endo there is a portal to "Tsung's island" which is the same as goro's lair. It's not really hidden but you can't see it normally, you have to go right/down against your screen