I think NRS writers saw my story 3 years ago and used it for MK11's story SPOILERS


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I'm not saying I blame them or want to sue them or anything cause it's their story, but too many things are just copied and pasted


MK11 story I made 3 years ago, before no one knew how MK11 was gonna look. You'll find that it was very similar in many regards to what we got in MK11. Now, I'm not gonna take credit for obvious things like Noob Saibot staying evil (even though many people were expecting Noob to actually follow Scorpion's story after getting thrown into the soulnado and returning as Bi-Han, champion of the Elder Gods, but that would have meant...well, that he's not Noob anymore) or Frost turning evil cause this was also in the original timeline or even the revenants talking to Shinnok's head, cause it was pretty possible it would happen.

But there are some things which are very similar:

- Fire God Liu Kang towards the end of the story in a scene in the Netherrealm (yeah, it was in his MK9 ending too, but as far as I remember he was never called “Fire God Liu Kang”, watch that MK9 ending again. And in the video I made, at 56:35, he becomes that)

- Liu Kang smashing through an entire army of demons with his new found powers

- The ending with the new Universe formation thing, primordial soup, creating a new world

- Kronika being actually evil and from a species since before the One Being and the Elder Gods (Honestly, you may say it was an easy guess, but I don't know how many people expected the woman from Jade's ending to be evil. We didn't even know the villain would be a woman! People suspected that woman from Jade's ending was actually good and even though she isn't exactly Kronika, she definitely was the inspiration for the time controlling woman!! And she's searching for allies against the Forces of Raiden and the Elder Gods in my story too )

- the Elder Gods having lied to mankind and not being the Primordial ones

- Kronika's Keep being accessible somewhere beyond the River Styx from the Netherrealm (Charon was the River Styx ferryman in Greek mythology) and in a realm that you can only reach through the Netherrealm- now this one is word for word true!! I actually say <<beyond the Rover Styx>> in my story! I mean, I know they call it the Sea of Blood in MK11, but still....it has the ferryman Charon!

- D'vorah using bugs covering the sky to ensure the retreat of characters through a portal from a battle in Outworld, exactly like in the scene in MK!1, only with a differently potrayed D'vorah

- an Alliance of different races (demons, Outworlders still loyal to the old regime, Brotherhood of the Shadow members etc) being formed against the united Earthrealm-Outworld.....

- an Elder Goddess of Life incarnating so that she can talk to Raiden

- death of Elder Gods

- Raiden a human (well, kind of)

It's just so many little things. I'm actually very surprised that they happened to be exactly how I had them. Of course, not all is the same. I had more characters and bigger plots, also a Tournament with Dark Raiden being more important, Jax's death by Erron Black like described by about 3 endings in MKX, a Noob-Havik alliance etc. But the above weren't really suggested anywhere and I had just made them up for the possible MK11 story.

I think they just really wanted to do the time travel thing and took some of the ideas in the youtube video, some from other places and put them together with the time travel thing they wanted of this evil woman who brings the past selves of fighters from the past. The inserted a fan favour Scorpion-Sub-Zero alliance, although anyone who would have made MK11 would have put in some scenes where they work together, they inserted a Jade-Kotal romance and a Kitana who unites Outworld against Shao Kahn, though I actually think it would have been better to save Shao Kahn for the next game cause he had only been missing 1 game and he was a big threat, now they just diminished him. And they kept the story within 25 characters, not more, even though I think the story would have looked better and more epic with more cameos.

And yes, SPOILERS, the new intros also mention Shang really is back through Ermac's MKX ending and from what I know, he should have been in the story too as a last resort weapon against Kronika in an anti-hero role, but he was cut at the last minute.

I'm not saying my story is better than what NRS did, obviously not, but I am jut 1 man and I think I did a pretty good job by myself, without 20 other people helping me out and telling me about potential plot holes. I also gave all the characters something to do, which I think helps.

I had Rain, Reptile, Reiko, Havik, Ashrah, Kenshi, Taven and Daegon, Takeda, Smoke, Tanya and Mileena pretty important in the story. I also had arcs for Fujin, Goro, Li Mei, Cyrax, Drahmin. Hotaru.

I was kind of disappointed that in the MK11 story Kabal was just there. FOR NOTHING. And so were Skarlet, Erron Black, Noob, with no development. I understand that a story cannot include al MK characters, but in MK9's story were 31 characters and in MKX's were 36 and the comic even expanded on that with a further 20, to 56.

Now in MK11 there were only 29 characters and at the epicness of the story and curent day possibility, it just seems too little. I have in the youtube story 53 characters and I think that was an ok number for an epic story. Not all of them needed to be playable as fighters, they could have just been NPC's as Cyrax and Sektor.
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In 2016 I sent this to John Vogel, who knows lol


That's why I sent Kittelsen my suggestion one of these days. Who knows if they read and get inspired, right? I mean, a rip off isn't cool, but an inspiration?

If they ever saw your video, once again, who knows...Kittelsen was clear about trying to fit everybody's opinion into something, that's why he said recently that "Plenty of room for speculation here. IMO a canon timeline exists for every theory, even those that disagree with mine. @domcianciolo and I do our best, but MK belongs to ALL fans! :)"