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Patrick McCarron

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Sorry it's been a very busy few months, with only smaller <b>The Grid</b> developments and no news happening, nothing has hit the front page of news here. But we have some news for ya now.
<br><br><b>The Grid</b> game designer <b>John Vogel</b> has completed his <a href="http://www.thegridgame.com/chiller_page1.html">Chiller Online Comic</a>, which you should definatly check it out, gives a good backstory on <b>Chiller</b>. There is also a hint to seeing <b>The Grid Man</b> to be the next comic, with some backgrounds on the beginning on <b>The Grid</b> TV show I'm sure.
<a href="/thegrid/">The Grid Guide</a> is constantly updated still. We are now getting information on the new revision's secret character criteria. And the final revision number of the updated <b>The Grid</b> is <b>Revision 1.2</b>. Look for this on the bootup to know if you can access the new features and other stuff. <a href="/thegrid/secrets.html">Secret codes</a> and the <a href="/thegrid/locals.html">Grid Location Finder</a> are being updated on a regular basis. Grid machines are popping up all over the US and the world as you read this, so keep your eyes peeled.
We have been hearing rumblings here and there, and are still awaiting official word, that <b>The Grid</b> will be coming out for the <b>Sega Dreamcast</b> sometime next year with Internet play built in. Expect other systems like the <b>PlayStation2</b>, <b>PC</b>, and <b>XBox</b> to probably follow after the Dreamcast version. More info as it comes in.
On a related note, there is currently a Quake 3 Modification for The Grid in development by the guys over at <a href="http://www.GamePl.com">GamePl.com</a> and myself, we got a few weapons coded up, and are looking for experienced Q3 3D modelers for some modeling for the mod. Expect a page dedicated to this either hosted here or over on their site with a few teaser pictures. More on this as we develop it more.