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Patrick McCarron

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Today I treat you with the full details of <b>The Grid Chicagoland Tournament</b> to be held at <b>Brunswick Gala Lanes West in Naperville, IL on Saturday September 30th.</b> Grand Prize of <b>$500</b> goes to the winner, and smaller amounts of prize money goes to the lower placed players. For the complete official rules, including sign up deadlines and start times, along with prizes <a href="thegrid/galawest_tournament.htm">click here</a>.<br><br>
Also we have posted a scan of the most recent <a href="http://www.gamepro.com">GamePro</a> magazine's feature preview of <b>The Grid</b> written by Dan Electro.
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<font face="Arial" size="2">
<a href="/thegrid/images/GameProOct2K.jpg">
<img src="/thegrid/images/GameProOct2K_tn.jpg" width="149" height="200" border="1"><br>
</a>The Grid Preview in October's GamePro <br>
by Dan Electro</font>