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The chat with the MK/Grid Design team has concluded and we walked away with lots of new info on The Grid and MK5. Here it is to sum it all up. Be sure to take a gander at the <A HREF="/features/logs/09-14-2000.txt">transcript</A> for more complete details.
<h3>New Version of The Grid is Coming around Novemeber With:</h3>
<li>At lesst two new characters added to the game (Noob and one other)</li>
<li>New Secret Moves</li>
<li>New Deaths (Dismemberments)</li>
<li>Single Player Tweaks</li>
<li>New Codes</li>

<h3>The Grid Tournament Info</h3>
<h4>The Grid Chicago Tournament</h4>
The Info:<br>
Saturday September 30th<br>
Around 2-4pm (Time not set yet)<br>
Brunswick Gala Lanes West<br>
1515 Aurora Ave <br>
Naperville, IL<br>
(630) 355-7622<br>
<h4>Cyberstation Tournament</h4>
Possible Cyberstation Nationwide Tournament of The Grid, starting in Chicago and going else where.<br>
<h4>Miami Florida The Grid Tournament</h4>
Flippers arcade in Miami held a tournament last week. And another one coming up.
Results can be gotten from <a href="http://www.thegridgame.com/flipperstournament.html">TheGridGame.com Flipper's Info Page</a>
Any more tournament info contact <a href="mailto:thegrid@mail.com">The Grid Development Team</a>.
<b><FONT SIZE=4>MK5 News</font></b>
<h4>Stuff we now know about MK5</h4>
<li>Same design team as The Grid</li>
<li>Definately a new control layout</li>
<li>Possible multi-leveled fighting arenas, definately some slanted floors are being thought of. </li>
<li>Models for Scorpion, Raiden, and Jax are complete. Scorpion is only the definately confirmed characters.</li>
<li>Luis Mangubat did the models, has a new "style" to the characters. "GROUND BREAKING S#I%" - Mike Teran</li>
<li>Dynamic animation is being looked at by Todd Allen, including handling some inverse kinematics. This is where someone gets hit in the shoulder the shoulder reacts to that hit dynamically.</li>
<li>Ed Boon had his usual hints thrown in now and then during the chat, one being W-I-D-E-S-C-R-E-E-N and the other being ORSMAb. They say ORSMAb is Alan Villani, we'll have to wait to see what develops on this one.</li>
<li>To quote AlanVillani: "Prepare to be blown away when you see MK5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"</li>