i need some helpz..

Sub scorpion

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So i am having trouble fighting motaro, i can't beat him.. i tried my jade trick which was using cyrax's net and uppercut over and over, but the net backfires and yeah... so who got tips?

also where can i get those extra characters like that masker sub zero etc.


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just pick anyone and keep jumpkicking him and try to do combos if you get a chance. i wouldnt run at him. he will just keep blocking until your running meter is empty then he will pick you up and punch you. he teleports lots so dont stand still. keep moving. hes actually way easier than shao kahn.


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Just keep jump punching or kicking straight up in the air and going directly into a ground combo. It seems to works best using Scorpion and Human Smoke with their HP, HP, HK, B+HK link. Don't forget the teleport punch either; if you nail him with it it generally gives you a chance to run in and, at the very least, get some chip damage.

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Thanks y'all but i found a even better way :p.

The way i beat him: run to the end of the screen and press down, his attacks wont work (sometimes block) everytime he comes close enough do uppercut. I got double flaweless by doing this. :)

But where the hell can i get those secret characters like masked sub zero ??????????????

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And Classic Sub-Zero require kombat codes to unlock

So you need two controllers or a friend online to help you put in the codes.


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Jump in punch and combo, hope he doesnt block and kill you. With all the MK bosses in the early games it usually luck. Unless you find an easy way like the Sub Zero freeze on Goro uppercut thing