I just won the Kingston Tourney!


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Woot. I can't believe that I won. I came up against some great players. Me and a mate entered and we fought eachother in the final match. I won the first round, he won the second. He almost got me on the third. Almost two hours later and I'm still hyped up on andrenaline.

Scorpion was my weapon of choice and I fought some very tough Johnny Cage players. I'll be off the the NEC for the final and I'm stoked.

Never won anything before this lol. I know this thread is a little self rightious but I'm just so excited.

I won a playstation slim, 50quid game card, tee shirt, two blu rays and two passes to the gadget show.

Was a great time with some great players. If any of you read this, thanks for some tough matches! (I mean that, no sarcasm).

Oh and I got a cool trophey too. :)
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Nice job man! Congrats! I dont see it as self Rightous lol I would do the same Ive never won any tourneys before closet I ever got was second and that was on UMK3 along time ago
Nice work! Hopefully they'll stream the final so we can see you in action.

A quick question, were you only allowed to use the demo characters?
Yeah it was the exact PSN demo. Good job we played on pads and not sticks lol.
Nice I hate fight sticks only because I have not used them since the arcade days im more adapt to the pad now