I have a problem with compatibility packs. please help!


So I live in Germany and use a PS3 system. I have a German PSN account which I use online too. As you know Mortal Kombat 2011 isn't supported in German PS Store. There are no M-rated games at all. That's why I created an US Account. I download there all the stuff which isn't available in German store. It always worked well.
I found all the Compatibility Packs in the US Store and downloaded them. Then I install them and start the game. But when I highlight a fighter to choose a klassic skin (for example second pack with Noob and Smoke) only kostume 1 and 2 appear. What's the problem? Maybe I still can't use them in Europe even if I download them from the American Store? If so, how can I get all the free klassic skins?? I was so happy to have klassic robots...
I also tried to search for downloadable content in-game but the result is always the same: nothing found.
Please, help me, guys!


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DLC from the US store is not compatible with the EU game. Try downloading the packs from the EU store.

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That's the handy thing about the region-free version from Hong Kong. You can use content with it downloaded from any PS store.


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Yup use the EU dlc bro, I'm from Belgium, it's not that far from Germany and I tried to get dlc early by buying the US stuff, no dice though hehehe bye bye money lol but EU dlc works for every country in the EU so far, ;) enjoy