<I><FONT SIZE=2><SUP>THE</SUP></FONT>GRID</I>: Pictures and

Patrick McCarron

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We now have our own set of <a href="http://mk.hotweird.com/thegrid/captures/">
exclusive pictures</a> from <b>The Grid</b>, Midway's new arcade third-person shooter from the creators of <b>Mortal Kombat</b>. These pictures were captured with a camcorder, so quality and colors aren't perfect but shows enough about the game to get the point across. If I can get <b>RealProducer</b> to stop freezing I will be posting some footage of the gameplay in <b>RealPlayer</b> format.
This update also covers codes for those readers who are playing the game or plan on it. I am still designing our coverage area here on <b>TRMK</b> for <b>The Grid</b>. It will cover all the players, arenas, weapons, codes, etc. But for now here are the codes fellow players and I have found so far: (The codes are entered on the player select screen and followed by the # key after each code is entered)
<li>543 - Grid Kids (Big Hands/Feet)</li>
<li>937 - Armed and Dangerous (You begin game with your default weapon)</li>
<li>327 - Fast Return To Action (Faster Respawn After Death)</li>
<li>123 - Announcer's Advice (No Effect, Announcer Pops Out on Select Screen)</li>
<li>224 - Big Head Mode (Player has Large Head)</li>
<li>243 - Cheat Mode #1 (No Effect)</li>
<li>266 - Only Cannons (No Effect)</li>
<li>147 - Human Controls (No Effect)</li>