<I><FONT SIZE=2><SUP>THE</SUP></FONT>GRID</I>: Midway.com's

Patrick McCarron

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<href="http://www.midway.com">Midway.com</a> has posted their own <a href="http://www.midway.com/games/titles/thegrid/index.html">The Grid page</a>. It has many hi-res pictures and lots of information. Now it does say on the bottom of the page that the game is "out on nationwide test now," I am pretty sure this isn't true, but I will check up on it.
Also expect some new The Grid updates from me within the week, I have been really busy with work and haven't had time to post up all the new information I have on the newest revisions of the game. I may have it ready for tomorrow, but no promises.