<I><FONT SIZE=2><SUP>THE</SUP></FONT>GRID</I>: Grid Guide v2

Patrick McCarron

TRMK Admin, Co-founder
Staff member
<a href="/thegrid">The Grid Guide</a> has been updated to v2.0. It now features a <b>FAQ</b> page to answer some common <b>The Grid</b> questions, the <b>Media</b> page has returned with some new images and the new videos as the come in, the <b>Locations</b> page has been updated, some new codes and hidden character information have been added to the <b>Secrets</b> page, and a <b>Links</b> and <b>Credits</b> page have also been added.
Please keep sending <a href="mailto:mcc@mk.hotweird.com">Patrick</a> your questions for the FAQ and your The Grid location sightings.