<I><FONT SIZE=2><SUP>THE</SUP></FONT>GRID</I>: Behind The Sc

Patrick McCarron

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We've got yet another great <b>The Grid</b> video from design team for all you Grid fans. This is a video of the progression of a level's design phase. It starts from the early mock up, to adding more detail to the level, to the final product in the finished game. Check it out.
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<font face="Arial" size="2">Level Design Video <br>
<img src="http://mk.hotweird.com/images/news/designpromo.jpg">
<br><A HREF="/movies/thegrid/arena_mockup_320x240.mpg">MPG 320x240 (11.40MB)</A>
<BR><A HREF="/movies/thegrid/arena_mockup_160x120.mpg">MPG 160x120 (5.24MB)</A>