I can't wait for the day when I get this drumset


So, my parents made a deal with me, if I lose enough weight I get this cool kit.



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I think it is crazy that parents need to motivate kids to lose weight. Parents usually are the culprit and enablers to childhood obesity.

Either way, that is a cool kit and playing drums should help you shed pounds too.


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Yeah, I've been playing for over five years.

Keep jammin'. ;)

The reason that I ask is because I remembered that some guy won double-kick drum pedals at a Guitar Center raffle, and my buddy (who's a drummer) was annoyed because the dude didn't even know how to play.


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Awesome! Push wheel, dude and lose that weight.

My abiding memory of drums is that a friend of mine had a pretty rare Lars Ulrich signature kit in a finish that they only make like 6 of, and subsequently the kit was worth something like 10 grand. Anyhow, that got stolen from his house, which is pretty lame.


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.....I think it's sad that your parents are only letting you get it if you lose weight. Bad parenting, imo...they should be motivating you to lose weight to be fit and healthy, not just so you can get a drum set.