I can't believe it worked!!


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Did any of you guys know that you can play PS1 games on the new slim PS3?? I couldn't believe it worked!!!
Needless to say, I started this thread to find out who owns any Mortal Kombat games for PS1 that they would be willing to sell me. I would love Trilogy, or any of them really. Anyone think they can help me?? If you are willing to do it, we can work out payment and shipping via telephone or something. Thanks My Fellow Mortals!!


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Yeah, all PS3s will play PS1 games (although some don't work properly), but only certain ones will play PS2 games.


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I can't believe i clicked on this thread...there's 10 seconds i'll never get back. lol jk

Yeah, all PS3's can play PSone titles. Only the earlier backwards compatible models can play PS2 disks. I have hope that someday a firmware update will come out so all PS3's can play all PS2 titles as well, but the longer they go without it, and the fact that they are doing more of the PS2 HD Collections on PS3, i doubt it will happen.


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i have one of the old big ps3's. every ps2 and ps1 game ive tried on it worked. i dont know um mabey its just an issue with certain ps3's.