I Bought The Grid Finally

Patrick McCarron

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After a few months of negotiation and figuring out storage, I have finally purchased three cabinets of The Grid.

Here they are:

They were orignally from of Dennis's Place For Games, one of the original test locations for The Grid and other MK games.


I'll be moving one into my garage for the winter, and then another two in the spring once I take my car out of winter storage. I'll be hosting a few The Grid parties/tournaments around that time for anyone around Chicago.

The Grid

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Man, are you lucky! If I had The Grid in my house, I'm never leaving home again (unless I gotta run to the store for a beer). Oh wait. I still have to go to work. :hmmmm:

Patrick McCarron

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Since I work at home, I may never leave this winter!

Here is my machine in it's new home as of an hour ago.


I hope to get the other two moved in Spring. I also got a good space heater on the way, to heat up the garage when I want to play. Now I'm going to need to get myself a good stool to sit on.
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Super Awesome Man. Im happy for you...Ive been trying to get 1 or 3 for awhile now. Cant seem to find any close by. Im glad there is "The Grid" Fans out there like me.

You should film some gameplay with Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Noob. And put it on youtube, this might help get the game reconized some more. Plus I wouldn't mind watching them myself...hehe.

C-ya Man.


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OMG... First let me say, well ask how long has trmk been around? and why havn't I known about it! I'm a huge MK fan, and the only thing I like more than MK is The Grid.. This site rules! The other reason why I signed up for this site, is cause you said you have 3 cabinets and you live in chicago.. Altho I don't really enjoy driving out to chicago I live about a half hour to an hour away.. You sir are lucky to have gotten them.. How much did you pay for all 3?