I am addicted to all of the Towers in this game


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This is the most incredible feature that NRS has put in a Mortal Kombat game. With MK9, I usually didnt play the main arcade ladder that much cause I already saw everyones endings. After that I would usually just go online to play cause the normal arcade ladder got old. This game on the other hand is amazing.

I love finding out what the new hourly and daily towers will be for the living towers mode. The test your luck and challenge towers are incredibly fun as well. This will add endless replayability to the game for me.

Great job NRS!


Robot Rock
I hate them. Playing the game with those stupid modifiers is hella whack. Don't like that I have to play them to unlock certain things.


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Loving them, the versus tower battles are a really fun alternative to the usual straight 1v1 fights


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They're awesome. They add real variety (and hopefully longevity) to the game, and I don't really get bored playing them every so often. The only ones I don't like are the daily towers, because they include the final TYM stage and I can't get past it. :(

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Please enlighten me on how to enjoy them. because so far I think living towers and factions are just stupid gimmicks for casuals.