Human Evolution? In the year 5000?

How do you think humans would have evolved by the year 5000? Will we have Mortal Kombat powers like kung Lao or like Shinnok?

Or will we stay the same?

The Marshall

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The human race won't survive that much longer....

Either we kill ourselves due to nuclear weapons or we make the planet inhabitable for us due to pollution/global warming.

I give us another 1,000 years tops.

But to answer your question if we do survive that long.

We would probably exactly like we are now, but with bigger boobs


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From what I understand we aren't condition ourselves to harsh environments to evolve into anything stronger.

If anything we evolve into something weaker.

weaker immune system,

weaker everything.

You have to understand something even people in sports in great physical condition aren't pushing themselves as hard as living things in the wild have to go through.

I think our evolution is stagnant and if we do evolve at all we will be losing things not gaining things.


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I think we'd be out of Earth and into Mars. Or hopefully, there would be a rapture before that and we'll all be in heaven immprtally happy. :)


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With the standard of living in developed countries, the immune system will more likely regress rather than advance. Living in clean environments and excessive hygiene prevents the body developing natural defenses.If you don't use your gifts, you will lose them.


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Holy shit The Marshall. I bow to you bro.

I don't see how humans could evolve for the better (as Critical said). Evolution usually has to do with survival. And humans in our current civilized state are always creating technologies and advancements to help us adapt.


Shit these days blows my mind as it is, so I wouldn't dare think of what would happen in the year 5000....



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No imagination, guys. I am disappoint.

Given the standart rate of scientific development, a human from the year 5000 will be superior to a modern-day human in every way possible.


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I'm sorry your gay, gay people don't go to heaven....

says so on pg. 26

Um BS!!! All I got to say. You don't go to heaven if you're evil not if you're gay. And I don't give a f*** if what you said is in a book. Doesn't make it true unless we really die and find out. :aetsch:


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3000 years from now is not a significant timescale in evolutionary terms. If you take into consideration assisted evolution (through increases in our knowledge of the human genome and medical technology) then yes, there's a lot of potential for human 'evolution' in that time. We may choose to adopt a form much different in capabilities or appearance than now. Consider the near-fruition research into organ cloning. That's a field that could potentially double the human lifespan.

But in terms of evolution by way of natural selection, that will continue at a far slower rate. Evolution works by the relative strength of traits that increase the chance of survival and propagation. If the current state of homo sapiens sapiens is the best suited for our current environment and living conditions, then a different form would be less favored, even if it had objective merits. However, if our habitual environment changes (say, we begin to increase our efforts in space colonization), traits that assist with our survivability in that setting would be naturally favored (perhaps resistance to the damaging cellular-level effects of prolonged microgravity, cosmic radiation, or more likely, a greater expansion of our spacial awareness and mental capacity).

As a species we first swam, then crawled on the beach, swung through the trees, hid in the caves, and now walk upright in the light. Who knows what changes we'll undergo when eventually man goes to space.


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I believe we will start colonizing space and our limbs will become longer, and our bodies will become more frail but our heads will get bigger. Our bodies will become more mechanized.