How will you spend 4/20?

Killer Ryno

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I dont know about you but im just gonna sit back relax and play some mk9, I mean theres nothing special going on that day right? ;)

I mean it is the day after MK9 comes out, that is a very special occasion :)

Shin Li

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Class in the morning. Hit the gym afterward. Study a lot, since the week after release is my last week of school. Then I'll settle down and play some MK. April is going to be a very busy month for me.

Even after I graduate, that is only the beginning. Then comes: Boot Camp.

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Robot Rock
I don't smoke, but all my friends and family do. So I might be a little lonely that day lol.


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well i don't think i wanna smoke when i play this new mortal kombat
might freak me the f*** out lol


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Well I'll be studying for some tests I have during that week =( but I will also play some Mortal Kombat on my free times, I am definitely waiting for the weekend of april 23 and 24, now those days is pure Mortal Kombat :-D


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I'll be studying for the two finals I'll have the next day...THEN I'm going home for the weekend where I'll finally get to play some MK9.

Liu Kang93

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I have a half day so I'll get home early go to my room and never come out for the rest of the day cause ill be playin some Mk :D


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As far as i'm concerned, that is an international holiday and I don't know about you guys, but I'm not going to work.


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Well I definetely won't be working that day, I'll make sure I have it scheduled off. On April 19th I probably will do a huge BBQ for my family & friends. So on April 20th I'll be eating BBQ and playing MK9 all day/night long with my friends. Yep, it's gonna be nothing but BBQ'd up Xbox360/PS3 controllers(yes I'm getting the game for both systems! yeah!)and blood all over my 42' 1080p flat screen tv!


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I'll be hitting up a show going on here on the 20th and thoroughly enjoying myself (maybe finally meet some people on this forsaken rock) go home, party down, play some MK with my roommates and pass out on the couch with a grilled cheese/vegetarian hamburger laying on my chest.
Just like last year...
Will be a good month.


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well, I hope to be playing some MK. But I'm not sure if that will happen, Math is a killer subject. Plus Finals will be right around the corner.


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OBVIOUSLY getting high and playing mk.. but then heading over to a hotel in indio to get ready for the metallica and big 4 concert!!!
So.... no one smokes weed?? I have to work .... but before and after believe I will be hitting the bong, rolling joints and playing MK9 story mode with my brand new fight stick. UGHH

roll up!!!!

Oh yeah, I will also be bumping the new DJ Quik cd that comes out that Tuesday