How to put an Image in your signature


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Just put an image url (example inside image tags, which are
Wow someone actually did this. 8)

Least now we have something to throw in front of newbie members.
i posted a image in my signature, but all that shows up is a thing that says "image hosted by tripod"can someone help me out
Yeah, don't link from tripod. They suck and always do that.

Just start an account at one of the sites lost_victory posted (both are free and easy to use) and then you can upload all the images you want to host :wink:
What tinypic?

I'm aware this is bumped, but he's new. Who cares.. He's still learning. Or she.
I think it's worth mentioning that you can have more than one image in your signature. If you push enter you'll go onto a new line and will be able to link another image.

Also you can align your images to the center by using [center ]Thing you want centered here[ /center] without the spaces inbetween the brackets

And at this day and age lol is one of the best

Sorry about the bump but people have been asking how to do multiple signatures a lot lately.
Im having trouble adding multiple signitures. I try uploading them from my picture folder but all I can do is just one. I tried hitting enter like XanXic said but its not working. Any suggestions?
Can someone please make me a signature that has MK9 Jade Primary Outfit, MK9 Mileena Primary Outfit, MK9 Sindel Primary Outfit, and UMK3 Kitana (her first DLC outfit), please!!! In addition, please add Rayne (Bloodrayne) and Juliet Starling (Lollipop Chainsaw) in the signature if possible. Otherwise you can leave those 2 non-MK characters out. Thank you in advance.
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