How the Hell: Tutorial Series


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How the Hell is TRMK's answers to everyones Mortal Kombat art questions. Not only should this series of tutorials help people increase their ability in digital imaging, but it will most likely greatly lower the amount of threads that ask for certain things.

NOTE: These tutorials are assuming that you have Adobe Photoshop, NOT Microsoft Paint

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How the hell do you show me your noob?

These are pretty crappy man. You can do better, if you're going to make a tutorial on making a fake, at least have the fake be decent.

Use your motaro head rip, that was a decent fake.
hah this is cool blood seems a lil funny to me dunno why :? i was wondering latly when iv'e been using photoshop and smudge one layer the layer below it smudge's into the top laye, anyone know how to fix this?



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I got no idea, sorry, dude. I have a similar question sorta. How do yuo unlock layers? I know that you select the files you want locked by highlighting the thing, then press> shift+ctrl & E, then whats the reverse of this? I have tried, but to know evail :cry:


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When i click on those, nothing happen.
It's true. I just checked those links and each of the three Tutorials link you back to the main forum index page. Remember, these were posted months before TRMK moved to the V-Bulletin Boards. So I'm guessing that somehow during the database transition, they got screwed up. Maybe one day Prophet will return in a more permanent capacity and update his Tuts?

I certainly hope so.


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I dug out the original threads and edited Prophet's URLs, so the links will work now. The reason they didn't work before is that the addresses were for the TRMK forums, which no longer exist, so even an old thread on this forum is going to have a completely different URL from what it used to be.


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