How long before new MKX info is released?


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This is outdated.



Fujin with a MK4 costume pack. MK4 skins for Shinnok, Sonya, and Reptile/Johnny. And MK4 Tanya for compatibility.

Baraka with a Deception costume pack since he's in his Deception outfit. Deception skins for Sub, Mileena, and Liu Kang (zombie)/Ermac. And Klassic Tremor for compatibility (or Deception Tanya; move Tremor to Fujin's pack)

That's all I want. They could throw in Sindel and a guest to complete it, but those two + the costumes would satisfy me.


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Sub's Deception would make me buy Baraka's bundle. I only brought Tremor, Jason, and Predator seperately. No bundles. I was planning to do the same for KP2 if it came out, but if anything has the Subby DEception costume I WILL buy it.


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For those who have not seen it, here is the card for Tanya in the MKX Mobile.

The info I really want is to find out where Jade really is and I hope she's well and alive to be playable for the next game at least.

I hope there is second season for the MKX comics that reveals Jade's whereabouts and other revelations.