How exactly did Lu Kang die?


i stopped playing MK when it made the jump to 3D when i was little, and i just recently started playing Armageddon. How did lu kang die?

i posted this here because i figure he died during the 2D trilogy time line


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That is explained in the beginning of MK: Deadly Alliance, where both Quan Chi and Shang Tsung sneak up while he is training and kill him.


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One of the most shocking moments in the series, really. You can watch it for yourself here (skip to about the 2 minute mark).


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I remember seeing that for the first time. I was never really a big Liu Kang fan, but it shocked the hell out of me that they'd kill off the main character

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Liu getting his neck snappd was a shocking moment, one of the best moments in the entire MK story line. (becasue od the shick value, not becasue he was killed.)

Then one of the worst moments in the entire MK storyline was the return of the dead, zombie like Liu Kang.


@ jka12002 - why in the world would you start playing MKA? Both MKD & MKA are crap, while at least MKDA had a chance to be a great 3-D fighter.

anywho...this isnt the time or place. ;)


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You didn't like MKD but you liked MKDA? I personally like the style and feel of MKDA better...and the fatalities...and the story...but MKD was just so much more polished, and chess mode was great fun. Konquest kept you going for hours as well. There's little to not-like in MKD.