How come on Amazon, I see release day delivery for KE, but not standard edition?


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Okay so Im having second thoughts on getting the Kollectors Edition because its a lot of extra money for things that arnt really important. So when I change my cart on Amazon from the Kollectors to Standard Edition, The standard edition does not have release day shipping... Does anybody have this problem? I really don't get why the Kollectords edition has release days shipping but not the standard. Any help?
The standard edition was the first one to get release day shipping. Not sure what is wrong for you.
Try to cancel then order the standard again this time it should give you release day shipping.. for some reason when you try to edit shipping you don't get release day shipping option so just cancel and order again and it should work.

On a side note if your just intrested in the standard you could just hit up gamestop for midnight release unless you want the reptile skin instead of scorpion stick to amazon i guess.. I'm only went with amazon cause gamestop sold out of the K.E. for ps3.
I tried the cancel thing. There's no option for release day delivery. All I see is free super saver, regular, 2 day, and 1 day. Same with you, OP?
i have the same problem with the TE edition, says it's going to delivered on the 21st o_O, but i dont want to cancel it because they are sold out and also it looks like the price went up too >.<
Im having the same issue with amazon. I switched to standard edition cuz of money issues, but release date isnt there. I contacted customer support and they told me to cancel the order and make a new one, no charge. Tried it like 5 times, didnt show up for release day delivery. I even tried other games coming out like gears 3, but no release day delivery. IDK. They told me they will contact me on the 19th about the issue. Like im waiting another week for mk. So im switching to bestbuy for sub zero. My bro has the gamestop edition. I dont wanna switch from amazon since idk if ill ever play as reptile in his classic, but ill be able to play sub zero in the morning of April 19th instead of waiting the game to be delivered to my house in the evening.