How can nrs improve injustice 2's online


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Mkxl has shown us the NRS have taken steps in the right direction in offering us a better online experience. However IMO there is still work to be done. What steps can NRS take to make injustice's 2 online even better?

Here's my list
1. Label every wifi and wired connection with a symbol or icon.
2. Better servers would be nice but I doubt WB will spend the money.
3. First of 3 in ranked
4.Allow koth king to mute or adjust the screen instead of it being locked out.
5.You will be booted from the koth if you refuse to play or put your tag as afk. Idk how this could be done but it's a pet peeve of mine.
6.Pings need to be more accurate. I hate accepting a challenger and the ping claim its under 100 ms but its more like 150 ms.
7.Make small and large koths for those of us who dont want to wait 30 mins just to play. I know you can make a private koth but this would be a welcome feature as well.
8. Have the ability to boot people with terrible connections from the koth if everyone votes for it.
9. Inproved rollback netcode (Less teleporting glitches and what not)
10. Streamers need to be marked with a symbol every time they stream so everyone else knows.
Thats all that comes to mind for now
One thing i forgot to mention is the limit of people allowed in the rooms. I dont understand why there's a 100 person limit in every room. I hate trying to get in a big 99 person room just to be locked out because I waited to long. Maybe there a good reason for it but I don't get it. Getting games is hard enough as it is having to deal with diarrhea on the message boards. I just want to play don't limit me to just 100 people.