Hottest MK character


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I ran into this cosplay girl's pics of Jade, which were quite sexy (Jade Pics), and I thought, who's the hottest girl in the MK series? I'm leaning towards Jade :p
The actress for the FIRST MK movie was hot as hell.
She also was a Playboy bunny, which is a plus.
Male: Johnny Cage, Kenshi, Kung Lao (if he reveals more skin), Stryker (must be my police uniform fetish), Sub-Zero (unmasked version in MK3), Jax, Reiko, and Taven so far.

Female: Jade, Li Mei, Mileena, Kitana, Sonya (MK 2011), Kia, Sareena, and Nitara so far.
Blaze is hotter.


But Kerry Hoskins as Sonya in the MK3's >>>>>>>>>> ALLLLLLLLL

That's her name.
I couldn't remember Kerri Hoskins name, for the life of me.
She's HOT as HELL!!!

Google Kerri Hoskins, and aside from her MK 3 Sonya pics, she has some even better pics ;-)
Sheeva is !

Only Wears a Bikini ! nothing more ! HOT Ta Ta !
dark Skin, 4 arms OMG !


Mileena a thousand times over. I have always loved her. Since UMK3 I don't care that she has sharp teeth. And her new outfit, "holy shit" is the understatement of the year. Kitana and Jade in a close second.