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Age: ?
Height: 6' 6"
Weight: 217 lbs (with armor 230)
Resides: Orderrealm

At one point, Hotaru had ventured into Outworld to confront Shao Kahn's Tarkatan forces laying siege to the city of Lei Chen. Years later, however, those same forces would be under the command of Onaga, the Dragon King. Believing that this newly resurrected ruler would bring order to the universe, he helps Onaga's Tarkatan hordes in their attacks and pursues those who would stand against them, such as Sub-Zero. At the time of Deception, Hotaru has set out to bring the Lin Kuei Grandmaster to justice before Onaga.

He is, however, unaware that a bounty has been placed on his own head. In the past, Hotaru had served as a guardsman for Dairou while he was incarcerated. Dairou now is under contract to murder Hotaru.

In Hotaru's Mortal Kombat: Armageddon ending, he defeats Blaze and becomes the very essence of Order. He then converts the realms into an orderly existence, making people bow to him or be transformed. He transforms Havik into his second-in-command. His ultimate goal is to keep order in all realms.

Signature Moves
Grasshopper (MK:D, MK:A)
Lava Burst (MK:D, MK:A)
Fury Punch and Escape (MK:A)
Quick Tricks (MK:A)

Triple Neck Snap (MK:D)
Body Slam (MK:D)

Other Finishers
Hara-Kiri: Spine Rip (MK:D)​
I perfered his alt attire but I really didnt care for him. Deception In my opinion had some of the worst new characters
Hotaru is one of my favorite kharakters. He looks soooo sick, especially when wearing his mask, and I love his fighting style and moves
I actually think he had an awesome character name, but other than that, forgettable. Reaper had a good point about Deception having the worst new characters. I played hardcore in that game and got to the top 10 a points on Live but the game was broken when it came to the new characters. They were the ones that ruined the experience. I do appreciate Deception though for the nod to the old backgrounds and throwback stuff that we're seeing today. Ashrah and Dairou can burn. Hotaru tho, still, cool name.
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The Chaos vs Order storyline was one of the better new story-lines they've come up with. I think Hotaru is a good character, who could use a more unique look.

Not nearly as bad as some fans make him out to be.
Hotaru blows. Granted, he wasn't the worst new character in Deception...but then again, that's like saying "That wasn't the worst the septic tank has ever backed up".

Either way, you're still dealing with something really shitty.
I hated him, I was confused as to why he was cool with you in Deception's Konquest, but turned on you when you returned.

I wanted Mileena to go in and slaughter the city :(
I think the story-line of Order and Choas works, and Hotaru's character design is pretty cool. The mask and flag are nice touchs that make him unique.
I'd prefer his alternate outfit even though it looks like a generic warrior from RPG games such as Grandia and Final Fantasy. His first look sucks. I really don't care for him but I do like his weapon and I like him better than Darrius and Dairou.
I believe Hotaru has alot of potential as a character. Although his story line is basic, that means that it has room to evolve. With a little tweaking, he as a chance.

As for gameplay mechanics; he was a little over-powered. He could juggle like no one's business. This could be implemented in the style of MK2011 very well in my opinion. Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinions. If they don't like Hotaru, I can see why.

As for Dairou, Ashrah, Kobra and Darrius; I would die a happy man if I never had to see them again. Ever.
very Underated character. most likley because everyone else in Deception besides Havik sucked ass, so people overlooked him. I bet If he would have been in MK4 all you people would be praising him now.
(I call it the Rieko/Fujin syndrome)

I hated him

yet you think Hsu Hao is a good character?!
I honestly loved hotaru's moves, and thought he was actually one of the best new characters at least when it came to how he fought, however there's just one thing I hate and will never be able to stand...


I can not stand those things in fact if I ever accidently didnt switch his costume i would go bak to player select no matter what