Hints at possible upcoming kontent


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FYI this is info taken from the PC version of MKX and posted on Reddit, so I take no credit for finding anything. I'm just passing on the findings because I assume a lot of people don't really like trawling through a lot of the bull**** on that site. Neither do I.

Still, here's the original link.

There have been numerous comments about the netcode and the low number of playable stages in MKX, so it's interesting that we may be getting a new version of the Pit, and matchmaking options to better narrow down search results for people in your region.

If anything else comes to light, I'll add it here. :hail:
We really do need more stages. Tired of all the ones in MKX already.

This. There's a lot of times when i'm playing a match and thinking that it would work better in a different setting, but there's no stages that would fit the type of story in my head if that makes any sense lol. Klassic stages are probably what I want most aside from Fujin
I don't care for Klassic stages that used to have Stage Fatalities, unless that said Stage Fatality returns or the MKX variant of a Stage Fatality (MKX Kove type of Stage Brutality) in the game.

Stages like the MK1 Courtyard, Warrior Shrine, Palace Gates, MKII Wastelands, MK3 Cathedral and MK3 Soul Chamber would be fine, but the MK1 Pit would suck royal ass as a stage with no Fatality.
It would just be the MK9 Bell Tower all over again.
No thanks.
It'd be nice if these are true. Still waiting for a DLC Arena.

I remember about someone who found a Tanya alternate costume file and still nothing...

Way too many people found that Tanya alt. file, and still nothing. So there's that big chunk of fake leaks, just like this could be.
We do need more stages.

Ok, I love the stages we got on MKX, but they are just a few.

When you read their koncept, you almost notice that they wanted to test environment, and THEN they thought about where things would happen.

That's very clear on Sky Temple, The Kove and Kuatan Jungle.

It was almost "hmmmm, I wanna make waves! What about water on a stage? And what about it being on Outworld?".

I think they should not forget MK1-MK3 stages, specially those that are never seen at all, but I would really want some MK4 stages having more love too.
Guest theme stages would be cool like Crystal Lake for Jason. We already had a Jungle theme stage that fits perfectly for Predator.
I'd rather have some more new MKX stages such as Jax's Farm, the Netherrealm Throne Room and the Snow Cave. To me, they'd make a lot more sense, and I really don't think klassic stages would really suit MKX -- especially if they only threw in one or two. I really like the balance of old and new in MKX.

Having said that, I do think the guest characters should have come with new stages.
We really do need more stages. Tired of all the ones in MKX already.

Yes! I agree completely!

Are we ever going to get an Edenian inspired stage? Imagine how gorgeous it would look

Would at least like to see a daytime version of the Shaolin Temple. It's a shame that there aren't any beautiful stages like MK9's Shang Tsung Island