Here we go again


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Tonight is the unveiling of the newest installment of the greatest video game franchise ever... Mortal Kombat!!!! I'm excited, but the moment is bittersweet. Why? Because as a long time MK fan I've been here before. From my examiner page:

It promises to be the biggest thing to happen to the Mortal Kombat franchise since… ever. All fans, young and old alike, are eagerly anticipating this release. All fans that is, except me. Why, you ask? Well I’ll tell you. With every MK release, the creators re-write, ignore, and otherwise contradict many important well-founded storyline elements. As a long-time MK fan, I’m regrettably somewhat used to this. But this new game will deliberately rewrite the entire Mortal Kombat story from MK1 on. Someone told me that the idea for the new MK game is similar to that of the new Batman movies – a re-imagining of the story. Two things: 1) notice how in all the many re-imaginings of Batman some things always stay the same i.e. dead parents, huge inheritance. If a Batman movie were made wherein Bruce Wayne’s parents were still alive and poor, it would be the biggest disappointment since, well...

visit for the rest.
Is that link leading to spoilers, me no likey da spoilers.

Also I am very glad they are re-telling the story.
Its like NRS is sending a telepathic message to themselves 20 years ago, telling them not to **** up the story.
Hopefully it'll mean Armageddon will never happen.
Why the hell did you make this it's own topic if your going to post it in thirty other threads......

I just don't understand the logic....

Also, B,B,B,LP, it most likely has spoilers, since there are some major changes in some characters that would HAVE to be talked about in any sort of blog like this.

I ain't visiting it, since the spam of it took my want to read his blog right out.
I know that MK 1-3 has a story but it was text on an aracde screen and was not particularly an immersing experience, I don't know of anybody walking into an arcade 1992-3 ranting on about how good MK's story was back in the day, thank god they came up with the idea of being able to tell the text in a more modern way that we take for granted in video games today tbh it will feel like the first time for this story