Help with Wii U GamePad?


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Hi, everyone. I'm having a little trouble with the Wii U...

Has anyone else been having trouble connecting their Wii U Gamepad to the console? It worked fine for a long time, but then it wouldn't connect to the console at all, so I tried to sync it with the console again. That worked, but the range is still terrible. I can't move more than a couple of feet away from the console without the connection dropping...

It used to work fine and I was able to use it from as far as another room, until a few weeks ago.

Also, my cousin has been having the same issue, but his range is even shorter. Like, he has to be less than a foot away from the console for it to work...

Any suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks! ^_^
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Have either of you installed any new wireless devices recently that are in the same proximity as your Wii U? Sometimes I get wireless interference from our baby monitor with anything connected to my router if they are close together, even though the monitor is not connected to my home network; it's it's own connection from cam to base unit. Slows everything way down or blocks signal completely until I turn base unit off.


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I have the Wii U set up next to a PS4. Moving them away from each other helped extend the range a bit for me. It didn't do much for my cousin, though. He still has very short range with his console. Possibly a problem with the GamePad itself?
Unless there was a firmware update that hosed communication with the console, it sounds like there is still interference from something. Do you and your cousin know anyone else with a Wii U that has had problems recently?