Help with this annoying Raiden strategy


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There are four of us who play MK every night to unwind. One of our friends seems to have a nose for finding overpowered characters and exclusively uses those...Scorpion, Nightwolf, and now Raiden. I have to hand it to him, he does well winning games, and he does use good strategy while playing, but the stuff he does seems designed to just piss everybody off. With Raiden he almost refuses to learn more than a handful of moves because he does the same thing every time and it's pretty effective anyway. Sometimes we beat him...mabye even 50/50, but it doesn't make it any less annoying. I'm sure punishing his strategy is character specific, but right now my JC and SZ are having problems with it.

Basically he teleports next to you and either grabs you or sweeps you. Then teleports away. When he's at a distance he spams his electric ball at you until you start trying to get at him. Once you've taken some beating from the electric balls he teleports next to you and sweeps you again. He does this over and over but then occasionally starts using his overhead kick instead of sweep. This bounces us and he supermans us across the room. Then we get to start all over again.

As JC this is really frustrating because I need to get close and the only time I'm close is for that split second he's next to me and tries to sweep me. Occasionally I'll catch him doing something and block but if it's not the superman the rest of his basic moves don't need much recovery time so I can't even punish him that well before he teleports away again. He does what he does very well, but it's soooo F&*%$ing ANNOYING to play with someone like that. He knows none of Raiden's combos, hardly any moves...but he likes this strategy and is sticking with it. Any suggestions?


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JC is a pretty bad matchup for Raiden. Offline Raiden's superman is very punishable on block, but he is very deadly when he gets you in a corner. My advice would be to projectile him until he teleports and then try to guess where his teleport will be and punish(His teleport is not very punishable though so watch out for that).


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Using Sub-Zero you have to take advantage of Ice Clone.
After using the clone, you have to dash in front of him or rush on the opponent...if he teleports he will probably hit the clone and you will start you're combos. Play all the match around your clone and chances are you'll win.
When he teleports and you are using Cage, spam D4 or D3.


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imo raiden is a tough character, i played a guy today before work and yeah same story you have (just add in non stop crouch blocking)is what mostly all Raiden players do. I main reptile so it was a close fight no doubt about it but what i come to conclusion with Raiden fighters is, like someone said is "pressure." With that being said he cant teleport as much, as fast and whenever he wants; puts him in block mode and when its block mode it betters your chances by using the "grab/throw" move over and over LOL.

If not that i would use a character that can spam faster projectiles like (Noob) is who i used on this guy. Keep away from using the teleport (only when he is spamming electric balls) and it would be gravy.