Help with online ps3 trophies boosting


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Hello is it possible for anyone to helping me in boosting in the online Mortal Kombat ps3 trophies ???

Flawless victory online
10 wins a row
8 throws
king of hill

please let me know

I will return the favour
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Boosting defeats the Purpose of having a trophy/Achievement system. You ACHIEVE them not boost. I feel more acomplished when i earn them instead of boost <_<
Ill help with any koth ones...I still need the stupid 10 wins in a row on that... god I hate koth lol
Because its stupid and defeats the purpose of Trophies/Achievements. You achieve them not boost with a partner to get them..

I unlocked Superstar Cole in Gears 3 by playing against CPUs instead of online. I needed 100 MVP medals (highest scorer in the match). I beat the CPUs 100 times and put them on easy so basically I cheated but I got Superstar Cole and I feel pretty damn good :]