Help Make MKX Banners For TRMK

Patrick McCarron

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Re: TRMK Suggestion Box

I'm busy packing for a big move right now. (Yes terrible timing with MKX's release)

But I want to in the next two weeks. If you want to make a few I'd love the help.

Images are
- Size: 1038x148 (If you can make them 2076x296 that'd also be great for newer retina displays)
- Resolution: 72 pixels per inch
- 45px of the bottom of images have a black semi-transparent area for the menu bar.

If you refresh: you'll see how the banner images look by themselves.

If you make some I can add them super easily if you email them to me. You can find my email here.

Thanks a bunch and look forward to what you or anyone else creates.
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Patrick McCarron

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Good word to RedZoneD25 for the first submission which is now in rotation.

I also pulled out some of the older MK9 ones.

Immortal Reaver

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I saw the Coarse Scorpion one, tbh it looked a bit off.

I see it when I go to this link but I haven't seen it pop up on the site itself yet. I get the Kano and Raiden one like 99% of the time.

but if one doesn't look right, it can just be taken down. It's not like I spent a ton of time on any of them. It's just kind of hard to make something work with those dimensions. At least for me. The one with the MKX concrete dragon logo (from the story trailer) is nice but I wish I had a higher res version of it.


Patrick McCarron

TRMK Admin, Co-founder
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The browser caches them so you don't get them easily by just browsing. You can clear your cache if you want to force a new one.

The Coarse one will look weird because half of the MKX logo will be under the menu bar.

I may remove the MKX logo one, it was a bit off as well.

Tanyas Husband

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I notice every time I open TRMK on a new tab, but the same page, it keeps forming different screens. Sometimes it'll be MK9 Kitana, then sometimes pale black and white "MORTAL KOMBAT", then Scorpion V/ Sub Zero.