Hawkgirl: Time to Throw Down the Hammer

This is the special moves and combo thread about Hawkgirl. Using a similar format from the MK9 character gameplay thread, forged by rare TRMK member Zephna, I decided to do this for sake of other curious players, wanting to play as her. Here it is:



Real Name: Shiera Hall
Origin: Earth (Although Thanagar by her previous incarnation)
Race: Human (Thanagarian by her previous incarnation)

Short Bio:
Shiera Hall is the reincarnated princess Chay-Ara. With the aid of Nth Metal, an alien, magic-based substance, she fights crimes as the fearsome Hawkgirl.

Powers and Abilities:
Nth Metal wings and armor
Flight, thanks to her wings
Regenerative healing
The power of Reincarnation
Years of experience by looking through memories of previous Hawkgirls before the current

The key to using Shiera very effectively is more of a offensive pressurer. Keep the opponent off balance with a mixture of mix-ups and overhead combos while somewhat extending it during her Soaring Hawk ability. She also has good air control and can trade off projectiles with her mace from either on the ground or while in the air. Pressure is key when using her.


Basic Keys:
D-Down (Duck)
U-Up (Jump)
1-Light Attack
2-Medium Attack
3-Heavy Attack
4-Character Ability (Power or Trait)
LB(L1)-Throw Button
RB(R1)-Environment Interaction Button or EIB for short
LT(L2)-Flip Stance
RT(R2)-Meter Button

Frame Data Abbreviations:
Start-Up: SU
Hit Advantage: HA
Recovery Frames: RF
Block Advantage: BA

Pros and Cons:
-Strong mobility, especially with her ability to fly around the arena
-Great pressure game
-Decent and great overheads, with some mix-ups
-Outstanding spacing, especially trading projectiles, in which are in her favor. And her end combos often knock her opponents away
-Can use her aerial abilities to extend her combos
-Good corner combos, in which her pressure game comes in greatly

-Most of her combos start off high or mid, meaning no low starting combos
-Low-mid output combo damage
-Short reach normal attacks (especially her jump-in attacks, being the shortest of all the characters)
-Has little-to-no answers against characters with stronger mixups or better counter strategy

Basic Attacks:
Jabbing Mace: 1 (SU-13/HA-11/RF-9/BA-2)
Mace Swing: 2 (SU-15/HA-1/RF-24/BA-2)
Spinning Moon: 3 (SU-12/HA-46/RF-21/BA--12)
Skyward Kick: B+1 (SU-13/HA-66/RF-27/BA--11)
Thanagarian Palm: F+1 (SU-6/HA-25/RF-11/BA--5)
Low Mace Jab: D+1 (SU-6/HA-19/RF-14/BA--2)
Whirling Smash: B+2 (SU-14/HA-7/RF-25/BA-1)
Cloud Nine (Uppercut): D+2 (SU-10/HA-65/RF-24/BA--13)
Great Divine: B+3 (SU-32/HA-73/RF-29/BA-4)
Ascension: F+3 (SU-29/HA-79/RF-24/BA-10)
Vicious Sweep (Sweep): D+3 (SU-14/HA-39/RF-29/BA--9)

Basic Preset Combos:
Mace Smash: 1, 1 (SU-13/HA-23/RF-9/BA-2) 2 Hits-5%
Morning Star: 1, 1, 2 (SU-15/HA-72/RF-16/BA--1) 3 Hits-11%
Meteor Hammer: 1, 2 (SU-16/HA-19/RF-14/BA-2) 2 Hits-6%
Mace Maximum: 1, 2, 3 (SU-16/HA-85/RF-14/BA--4) 3 Hits-10%: Last one hits the opponent up.
Birds of Prey: 1, 2, B+3 (SU-20/HA-50/RF-11/BA--1) 3 Hits-12%
Crushing Nth: B+1, 3 (SU-16/HA-33/RF-26/BA--33) 5 Hits-14%
Betrayal: F+1, 1 (SU-13/HA-24/RF-21/BA-0) 2 Hits-8%
Tactical Strike: F+1, 3 (SU-14/HA-72/RF-9/BA--2) 2 Hits-10%
Short Fuse: 2, 2 (SU-20/HA-6/RF-13/BA--1) 2 Hits-8%: 2nd attack is an overhead.
Thanagarian Strength: 2, 2, U+3 (SU-12/HA-44/RF-27/BA-2) 3 Hits-16%
Dawn Star: B+2, 2 (SU-15/HA-12/RF-24/BA--3) 2 Hits-7%: 2nd attack hits low.
The Old Ones: B+2, 2, B+3 (SU-20/HA-33/RF-27/BA--9) 3 Hits-13%: Last two attacks hits low.
Golden Age: B+2, 3 (SU-23/HA-48/RF-22/BA--16) 3 Hits-12%: Last attack is a 2-hit overhead.
Heavy Nth: 3, 2 (SU-13/HA-6/RF-26/BA--1) 2 Hits-9%
Bloody War: 3, 2, B+1 (SU-15/HA-53/RF-31/BA-2) 3 Hits-17%: Last hit has very high knockback.

Special Moves:
Mace Charge: B, F(HCF)+2 (can also be done while in air) [MB version will make Hawkgirl follow up with another hit that knocks her opponent to the ground.] Normal version-13%/MB version-2 Hits-21%

Mace Toss: D, B(QCB)+1 on the ground (Hold 1 to delay it. And while holding it on delay, hold U before relasing 1 to make her toss it diagonally upwards) While in the air, D, B(QCB)+1 to toss diagonally downward or D, F(QCF)+1 for toss it straight forward. [MB version during the toss will make her do a shoulder charge that knocks the opponent down, which also can be used in the air version] Normal version-8%/MB version-2 Hits-18%

Heavenward Stomp: While in the air, D+3 9%

Wing Evade: D, B(QCB)+2 (Can follow it up with one of 3 attack options)
-1=Anti-air Mace Toss 13%
-2=Overhead Flip Attack 5%
-3=Flying Drop Kick 10%

Character Ability:
Soaring Hawk- Allows Hawkgirl to take flight in the air for 10 seconds and can move while at it. Unlike the others' character abilities, hers can be used anytime and doesn't have a cooldown, even during or after certain combos that the ability can be pressed, plus have the option to disengage by pressing 4 again. While in flight mode, she can use the following moves:
-Quick Mace Jab: 1 5%
-Flip Kick (Juggle): 2 7%
-Double Kick (Knockdown): 3 11%
-*Mace Toss: D, B(QCB)+1 (diagonally downward) or D, F(QCF)+1 (straight) 7%
-*Mace Charge: B, F(QCF)+2 13%
-Heavenward Stomp: D+3 9%
*Using the MB version of either Mace Toss or Mace Charge will cause her to automatically disengage her flying.

Super Move:
Power of Nth: LT+RT-A quick dashing grab in which it can used as a combo ender to certain attacks=5 Hits-36%

Custom Combos:

Meterless Combos:
1, 1, 2, Mace Charge=4 Hits-22%
1, 2, 3~B+1, 3=8 Hits-21%
1, 2, 3~F+1, 3, Mace Charge=6 Hits-25%
*B+2, 2, Soaring Hawk, 2, 3=4 Hits-23%
*B+3 or F+3~Soaring Hawk, 2, 3=3 Hits-24%
1, 2, 3, Soaring Hawk, 2, Mace Charge=5 Hits-25% (Use MB version for 6% more damage)(Credit to Critical Limit for this combo.)
Wing Evade>2~2, Mace Charge=3 Hits-21% (Credit to Tooferboo for this combo.)

Meter Combos: (including Bounce Cancels)
1, 2, 3~B+1, *B, B+MB~B+1, 3=10 Hits-28%
Wing Evade>2~2, 2, MB Mace Charge=5 Hits-29%
1, 2, 3~2, 2, MB Mace Charge=7 Hits-31%
1, 2, 3~MB Mace Toss=5 Hits-24% (Make sure the mace goes straight and hold U for the follow-up attack)
1, 1, F, F+MB, move forward a bit, 1, 2, 3, Soaring Hawk, 3=7 Hits-28%
3, 2, F, F+MB~3, 2, Mace Charge=6 Hits-33% (Use MB Version for 4% more damage)

Super Combos:
1, 2, 3~3, 2, Super Move=10 Hits-42%
1, 2, 3~2, 2, Super Move=10 Hits-41%
B+3 or F+3~1, 2, 3, Super Move=9 Hits-39%
B+3 or F+3~3, Super Move=8 Hits-43%
(Corner) B+2, 3~1, 2, 3~1, 2, 3~1, 1, 2, Super Move=17 Hits-47%
(Corner)1, 2, 3, Wing Evade>3~1, 1, 1, 1, 2, Super Move=14 Hits-48%
(Corner)1, 2, 3, Wing Evade>3, 1~1, 1, 2~F+1, Super Move=14 Hits-49%

Injustice Combos: (includes environment interaction)
1, 2, 3, EIB (near background interaction)~B+1, 3=9 Hits-25%
*B+3~EIB (near background interaction)~3, 2, B+1=5 Hits-27%
*B+3 or F+3~EIB (near background interaction)~1, 2, 3, Soaring Hawk, 3=6 Hits-28%
1, 2, 3, EIB (near background interaction)~3, 2, Mace Charge=7 Hits-29%
3, 2, EIB (near background interaction)~B+1, *B, B+MB, MB Mace Charge=7 Hits-36%
3, 2, EIB (near background interaction)~3~Mace Charge=6 Hits-32%(delay 3 to Mace Charge slightly, to get an extra hit and 1% higher damage)
(Corner)1, 2, 3, F, F+MB~2, 2, *B, B+MB=(w/o transition)7 Hits-29%/(w/ transition) x Hits-x% (the x is determined number of hits and damage depending on type of arena transition)
1, 2, 3~*B+3 or F+3~2, 2, Super Move=11 Hits-42%
*B+3 or F+3~3, 2, EIB (near background interaction)~3, 2, Super Move=11 Hits-46%
3, 2, EIB (near background interaction)~*B+3 or F+3~2, 2, Super Move=11 Hits-47%

*May cause level transition if opponent is close enough to corner perimeter to be sent to the next part of arena.

Strategic Planning
General Strategy: The best way to use her is like I said above. Be on the offensive and give pressure to the opponent. Try to do a few mix ups which includes overhead, going from high to low or such. And don't be afraid to take flight using Soaring Hawk. It'll help think about your next move while throwing a few maces at the opponent. Plus, she has a few tricks in her wings, so be a bit unpredictable. And she can trade-off projectiles very well from either from the ground, air or even as a anti-air. (Credit goes to Critical Limit about Shiera, being more a balanced, tricky fighter instead of a pure pressurer like I thought.)

And remember: your overheads are your friends!!!!

Zoners: If they don't have any anti-air moves, take flight and drop down with Heavenward Stomp, before following up with some pressure combos or a Wing Evade follow-up attack. If against those who have good zone, approach carefully and slow. No jumps and flying unless necessary.

Rushdowns and Pressurers: Wait until they either finish the combo or see an opening before utilizing your own painful combos on them. Keep on going with your pressure or fall back and just use the Mace Toss until you decide to make another counterattack. Use Mace Charge to get in close quicker and/or as wakeup.
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This post for fun facts and gameplay videos, dedicated to Hawkgirl.

Fun facts:
-In the Hall of Justice entrance, on the right side in the background, there's a statue of Hawkman, Hawkgirl's reincarnated lover.
-Most of the time, in the comics and media, her real name is spelled as Shayera Hol.
-The Nth metal can be only found in her homeworld of Thanagar.

Gameplay Videos:
By Critical Limit

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Going into it, I didn't pay any mind to Hawkgirl, but seeing her used in KOTH matches have caught my eye. She looks fun.
Added new combos to the custom combos section, and filled the rest with damage percentage and number of hits in the Preset Combos, Specials, Super and Custom Combos.


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You should add strategies for special moves and gameplans. It is a great guide, very organized and well structured. But as it stands now it's a glorified move list. Put your ankles in it!
Added info towards the Strategy Section. May add info in some moves (Preset, Specials, etc.) if I'm up for it, and play with my character more carefully.


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Damn I really wish you named the thread "Taste the Mace"


I'm currently uploading a video example of some of her anti-poke setups.

Also she's not every rushdown orientated unless you can put the fear of your overhead in them. because her best strings start high and are susceptible to pokes even after you have advantage.

her mid strings got some 50/50's where the low's can't become combos. So you have to condition them with strings like BM,M,BH

you can cut out BH of that string I just mentioned. If you do that and they are waiting for the third hit, you can start another string. If you think they will poke or attack after M, then finish the string with BH.

or you can burn meter after the first low of that string(to cancel out of the string), with the universal overhead. so you can 50/50 the last hit, with meter burn, or 50/50 the 2nd hit by mixing up Bmedium/Heavey, and Bmedium,medium.

you can cancel all her strings with flight to bait a poke, then isntant dive kick for punishment.

To me she seems to be a zoner actually, one that stays flying to annoy people with her mace toss which is REALLy quick on recovery when she's flying. And when they get beneath you to jump at you, you can just dive kick. If they jump to shoot a aerial projectile, or from sweep distance. you can just do B,F medium to hit them out of the air.

You annoy them so much that they start taking risks, and you punish them for it. for instance. I would fly enough to make them want to jump. Then I started flying, cancelling flight into D2, to anti-air their jump attempt(when i'm somewhat close to the ground)

her anti-air Dmedium(D2)

has alot of range, her mace being disjointed means you can usually anti-air w/o trading easily.

I'm not saying she's bad upclose, she's average IMO at close quarters, not good, but not bad either.

think like... uh... Reptile mix ups. he's not really a full on rushdown type of character, but he has his "tricks" up close.
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Update: Added brief description in the Preset Combos section, and opened, plus added a few, but unconfirmed combos in the Injustice Combos section. Will confirm that it works, or it will be removed if it doesn't.

Edit: Thanks for the major tip Critical. I'll be sure to add a few of your tips in the general strategy section.


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I don't know the %

but my BnB off of 1,2,3

is 1,2,3,4,2,BF2 (MB if you want to break 30%) midscreen.

if you don't hit confirm you can do the dive-kick anti-poke set up, or continue pressure.


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My favorite one, because it is so easy to do is also 1, 2, 3, 2, 2, B, F+2
It does moderate damage, I think it is like 20 something %.

I use it as a quick way to either finish them off, or pressure them away from you.


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My favorite one, because it is so easy to do is also 1, 2, 3, 2, 2, B, F+2
It does moderate damage, I think it is like 20 something %.

I use it as a quick way to either finish them off, or pressure them away from you.

try mine, it does roughly the same damage meterless, but 30% if you meter burn.

but on the flipside, if you don't hitconfirm by the last hit, you set yourself for a anti-poke dive kick.


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my voice cuts out randomly, and I lose the entire last 20 seconds of what I wanted to say but oh well.

later I'll make a super video guide going over EVERY move/option I can think of. After I learn more.