Havik & Reiko's in story mode?


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With Shinnok's imprisonment part of the MKX story mode, how come people easily dismiss the part of Havik & Reiko since it happens AFTER? Reiko has been part of the comics from the beginning, not just a small appearance. Then there's the fact they are after the amulet, after the daggers and mention becoming the blood god. Havik is cleric of chaos, mentioned by Raiden. Lastly, using the island of Shang Tsung and his line being a reference to the one by Shang Tsung in the 1st MK movie, isn't it an obvious tease for Havik to replace him and have an important part in the story? Reiko as well.

Two things from the game that could work in these guys favour are: the mention of chaosrealm in the factions trailer and in the background of Crossroads you see a building on the floating rocks. This could easily be the library stage, which floats and has Shao Kahn's garment and hammer. Reiko has always tried to look like Shao Kahn and take over. Obvious hints.

The sad and also fairly obvious consequence of this all could be that Havik & Reiko are killed, since there's the one dagger that is lost with Havik claiming he knows where it is. Quan Chi for example could have it and fight them for it or kill Havik & Reiko once they have the daggers. This would however be rather disappointing.


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First of all, spoilers from the comic. You should either put it in a spoiler tag or write "spoilers" in the thread title.

Reiko appears to be the Blood Demon and becomes it with Havik's help, so he might be the end boss of the game.

Which I think is kinda awesome, but at the same time, I'm worried if either of them will be playable then. I hope so.


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Yes I believe Reiko will become the new "Kahn." He has always wanted to be Shao Kahn and he has been known to be Shao's most ruthless soldier. Havik will end up helping Reiko become the blood god and Havik will be the sub boss. Reiko's rule will keep the realms in Chaos, which is what Havik wants.