Happy Valentine's Day!


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It's a bit early, but if I post this tomorrow it'll be a bit late


Two characters from my comic: Megs and Negs
here's quite a few things here worth noting. One, it's obviously a montage of Rob and Crystal's love life: When they met as children, their first dance in High School (Notice Rob's Buddy Holly glasses? The Hollyween party, The Christmas gift, and just now, their first kiss. I know it's probably impossible to notice, but the jacket that Crystal has been wearing in every one of her appearances is the very same jacket Rob wore as a kid (Rob was her height when he was 12) Happy Valentine's day to all. I want you guys who have lost someone to know it's not too late. I want you to get up off your ass, go call the woman, or man, whom you desire, confess your love to them, and make sure you get a love back. It can't be Valentine's day without a Valentine, can it?
I knew i recognised that song from FFVIII, kinda cheesy but sweet.
Happy valentines day everyone :D