Happy Birthday Ed Boon!

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I don't think Boon will see this thread. Plus, it's not relevant to MK9. A mod should move it to General Discussion.
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dont feed the trolls anymore

boon bastard give us new videoz!!1one

EDIT: ^ hot signature. lol.
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Well it's good to finally see that you understand where I'm coming from. I thought there was some pretty bad miscommunication going on for some reason.

I would give you positive rep, but I'm all out for today. Sorry.

THAT'S THE SPIRIT dude!! YOU actaully(sp) (actually) NEED SOME REP.

Man, you aint kidding. I've been getting negative rep all day. I guess people are just in bad moods. Hey, I also fixed your post a bit. Just looking out for a fellow MK fan. :)
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Happy Birthday Ed!!

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don't worry guy, I'm not a big user on this forum, I'm only a stupid ;D and don't worry about errors on writhing: lulz. anyway, UR WELCOME!