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which styling hair product do you prefer
Hair gel, hair spray, or styling mousse

this is hair gel


Hair gel is a hairstyling product that is used to stiffen hair into a particular hairstyle. The results it produces are usually similar to, but stronger than, those of hair spray and hair wax, and weaker than those of hair glue.

here is the site if you want it

this is hair spray

Hair spray (also hair lacquer, spritz, or sticky water) is a common cosmetic product that is sprayed onto hair to keep it stiff or in a certain style. The spray can be dispensed from a pump or aerosol spray nozzle.

and lastly styling mousse

Hair mousse is a hairstyling product added to hair for extra volume and shine. It is often dispensed in an aerosol foam spray or in a cream form. Hair mousse adds volume to hair and often provides both conditioning and hold, without any clumps or buildup. Hair mousse is a purple color while in the can, but after it comes in contact with air it becomes an off-white color. One of the lighter-weight hair styling products, hair mousse is applied to wet hair before drying and styling. Hair mousse may also be referred to as styling foam. Hair mousse can be used on naturally curly or permed hair to reduce frizz and define curl. Hair mousse is easy to use and handle, and there is very little risk of immediate danger.

what is my preference you ask. after trying only gel and mousse I'm digging the mousse. gel is just not for me, it leaves residue and how am I suposse to put the words in a girl if I don feel confident by thinking about residue on my hair

and to heat things up imma say this
f*** hair spray.
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I haven't used hair product in years (other than Shampoo) but when I was 7, I liked spray and gel.
Not mousse though, I put a glob in my hand and thought it was whip cream and ate it:barf:
I may go back to gel later, but the new Axe kind.. Get some hair action :mullet:
I haven't used hair product in years (other than Shampoo) but when I was 7, I liked spray and gel.
Not mousse though, I put a glob in my hand and thought it was whip cream and ate it:barf:
I may go back to gel later, but the new Axe kind.. Get some hair action :mullet:

how did I no post the axe kind?
imma get to it nao
you should never use hair products with alcohol in them. it dries/damages your hair. a little is fine but I use a Matte. pomade and wax are greasy and gross. spikes are out also. no one wants to run their fingers through spiky hair. gross.

keep it clean, smooth and healthy not concrete hair. eeewww

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This is not a debate, this is just asking people for an opinion on what product they like.

Going to move this.
Shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, the end. I'm as low-maintenance as they come.
I don't use anything in my hair for styling it. I really hate the feeling of gooey, sticky, stiff hair.

When it comes to washing my hair, I colour it, A LOT, so I need to use good shampoos and conditioners for my hair to make sure it stays soft and silky and not dry out from colouring. I use a few different products, and they all work great. I use Balea and Infusium 23 the most.
I commonly use Axe Pomade:Sleek & Shine,
And I have used Murray's Superior Pomade.
But now I'm starting to switch over to a pomade called "Monkey Brains"
It's actually pomade advertised for children but it's about 4 dollars cheaper then Axe,
and has a better hold, comparable to Layrite's Super hold pomade.

this is hair gel

By the way, that's not hair gel, it's paste. COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.
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Hat over I put hat on so I don't have to mess with it. I have good hair, so even without product, and on a bad day the sh!t looks fabalous son.
Shampoo is the only product I use regularly. Sometimes I use moisturizer but not very often, only after overheating my hair with a curling iron. I had a sad experience once when my hair was hardly damaged due to a big heating temperature of my curler... I took almost a year to recover my hair. So my advice to everyone is to choose good curling irons (like those described on mystraightener). It should be compatible with your hair type.
I prefer hair mousse as it is more lighter to the hair. But I am kinda particular with the ingredients. I make sure that it contains natural and organic ingredients to ensure that is healthy to the hair and will cause any damage.
* Shampoo
* Gel
* Comb
* Water

* Perfume/Fragrance
* Conditioner (If it's colored/highlights.)

If it gets too long like a porcupine (sticking out like how it is in this damn quarantine)...
* Hat/Caps
* Beanies
Hair styling products vary in purpose and hold strength. Gel provides strong hold, while wax offers flexibility and texture. Pomade offers a shiny finish with medium to strong hold. Mousse adds volume and texture with a lightweight feel. Cream controls frizz and provides a light hold. Hairspray locks styles in place with varying strengths. Texturizing spray creates tousled waves. Dry shampoo refreshes hair between washes. Heat protectant shields hair from styling tool damage. Serum or oil like rosemary oil adds shine and nourishes. Choose products based on hair type and style desired, using them in moderation to avoid buildup and weigh-down.