Guinness World Records reinstates Billy Mitchell's scores

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For those of you unfamiliar, Billy Mitchell is considered a pioneer of competitive gaming, with record high scores on arcade classics such as Donkey Kong and Pac-Man dating back to the early 80s, and rose to prominence during that time when Life magazine included him in a photo spread of arcade game record holders.


So why were his records removed in the first place, you ask? Because in recent years, his reputation has been tarnished due to a cheating scandal involving Donkey Kong. In 2005, he became the first player to score 1 million points in Donkey Kong, but evidence came to light in 2018 that that Mitchell used MAME instead of original arcade hardware to achieve those scores, while a third was entirely fabricated. Apollo Legend, a YouTuber who has exposed other gaming cheaters in the past, did an exposé on Billy Mitchell's fraudulent Donkey Kong scores.

Why Guinness gave him back his scores is beyond me, because the video evidence of him cheating is still there.

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