Gravity Rush 2


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I recently had the chance to play the Gravity Rush 2 demo on my Japanese psn account and HOLY SHIT is it amazing. If you've never played the first game than I highly recommend you do so! The first game is available on PS4 and vita. I played the PS4 version which runs at a buttery smooth 60 fps thanks to the fine folks at Blue Point games. The second game is set (hopefully) to release December 2
of this year!! Here's a recent TGS game play trailer

and you can check out all the screens here

If you want to play the Gravity Rush 2 demo than you have to create a Japanese Playstation Plus account which is real easy to do here's a video on how to do that

To get a free 24 hr Playstation Plus account all you need to do is make save to sony's online cloud service ( I created a new gmail account and saved a short gameplay clip to youtube)but I'm sure there are plenty of ways to do this. Act fast though because the demo is only available until September 25!!
This is my last bump of this thread to remind everyone this is your final chance to play the demo!
I was interested in the original game, but I haven't got around to buying/playing it yet.

The only time I would consider getting a Japanese account is if there is specific game I can't get anywhere else.
I am so hyped for this game, never played the first one though.

You really should play the first game! Having beat it not long ago Its well worth the money imo. I'm just frustrated that sony do little advertising of these games here in the states. I want the sequel to do well so sony continues to support this ip in the west. Unfortunately they are sending it to die by releasing it around the same time as the last guardian. There are rumours it might get delayed till early next year but nothings confirmed.