Grandmaster glitched?


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I wouldn't have thought much of this if it was a one time thing but I've had an incident 3 times in ranked matches with this character.
1. Someone as Dvorah jumped directly into and ice clone without hitting me or blocking. Just stood inside of it duck taunting me. I was shocked.
2. Stuck in the corner against a Mileena player. They do that f+3 overhead starting combo. I ex slide out...except I don't. The armor absorbs the first hit, doesn't hit Mileena and doesn't slide under her. I get combo'd and lose.
3. Playing another grandmaster subby. I throw an ice clone at him. He does an ice ball. His ice ball absorbs my clone and then freezes me. They collided mid screen and my clone disappeared but his ice ball freezes me. A regular ice ball not ex. He combos me, I lose.



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His ice ball was prolly ex special. Her f3 may have had more hits than the ex slide armour. The ice clone not freezing him seems odd.


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Depends on your frame advantage/disadvantage with mileena. The ice clone I've noticed don't always work I personally phased through multiple clones. I believe it's a bug/glitch. As for the ice ball don't use sun zero so I cant input there.