Got a question about selling games online...

I recently sold a new 3DS and one game to a site called, and one month passed with no reply. I then complained to the better business bureau and they decided to pay $13.37 for one game, yet they still have to pay for the console, which is $120.

My questions are:

1) Do you think they will eventually pay for the console??

2) Did I go too far by using bbb?? I mean I want to get payed what is rightfully mine, but i thought I'd ask anyways.

3) what is TRMKs opinion on this subject?? I for one, will never sell to again. They never answer their phone calls or emails.

I will update you guys if there are any status updates.
Unfortunately, you ran into some suspicious characters who have been doing shady stuff for some time:

There is no guarantee that you be be reimbursed. I'm afraid you will have to take it as a loss and consider it a learning experience. Still, you did the right thing to report to the BBB. You may not get your money, but at least you will let others know that Rerun Media (or whatever name they choose to use) are not to be trusted.

In the future, I would use a more well-known and reputable websites when it comes to making business transactions. When it doubt, check BBB and other sources to verify their legitimacy. Ebay lets you view buyer and seller feedback.
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Why, Why, Why didn't you just use Ebay and get guaranteed payment? Lol. And what was the 3DS game you sold? I think you pretty much F'd yourself dealing with that site.
Here's an update. I found the quote #, so I emailed the business a copy of it. Hopefully I can get another response and the case will be closed soon. Let's hope. *fingers crossed*.
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