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Was anyone else upset by Goro's MKD ending?

Goro has been a villain throughout the MK history. But I think he was forced into that lifestyle. (Afterall the Shokans were slaves of Shao Khan)

In MKG (Kung Lao's ending) and MKDA (Backstory) Goro is finally depicted as a hero. He joins forces with Kitana and battles Shao Khan. I thought that was great! But then in MKD he's back to being Shao Khan's servant again. And what really dissapointed me was his ending. (He and Kitana were supposed to be friends).

Princess Dis

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Goro as a whole disappointed me in that game :cry:

But his ending disappointed the hell out of me, though. don't take this post as a pun


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I dont know...I guess in his mind allying with Kahn is more righteous than allowing the dragon king and the tarkatans to take over. furthermore, I foresee Noob being a part of the main threat in the next game (possibly leading an army out of the netherealm with the help of Ashrahs sword), and since he is who killed goro and left him for dead, i bet hes going to help the fight against the Netherrealm cybernetic atmies. But thats my humble opinion. 8)


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Goro is properly loyal first to Shoa Kahn and then to anyone he sees fit second. When Shoa Kahn was gone (properly considered the brains of the Shokan species) they were left to thin on their own so just sided with whomever cam along. When their orginal master of their race shows up they side with him.

Another thing might be they just serve whomever has power. Kinda like Reptile a bit. Shoa Kahn = power in Outworld.

The other possiblitly was they may have faked being on Kitana's side.

We need a new centaur... Too many of one species and not enough of their foe...

Crazed Wiseman

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Well the thing with Shao Khan is this:

He has no reservations when it comes to banishing races and showing favoritism.

In MKIII he made the Centaurs his #1 servants and more or less abandoned the Shokans. Then in MKD he tried to ally with the Shokans again as an act of desperation.

I would have thought Goro would be smarter than to belive anything that Khan says.

A better MKD ending would have been for Goro and Kitana to team up and kill Khan.